My Employees Thanked Me for a Great Night on the Town

I love all the managers who work underneath me at the business that I run. They work hard and they play hard. But I don’t think it’s fair that they only play hard on their terms. I wanted to show them a really fun time by footing the bill. It’s important to let people let their hair down when they’re not working. I got them a Platinum Party Bus Rental For Toronto employees. And because my highest-level sales manager would be going along, I asked him to let me know if everyone had fun or not afterward.

I decided that it was best that I did not get on the bus with everyone. I really wanted to because I really enjoy spending time with my employees. But I felt that my presence would hamper their good time. I ordered alcohol to fill the buss fridge, and I wanted them to be able to drink as much as they wanted to without worrying that the boss would think poorly of it. It was there night, not mine. I felt that was fair.

Even though I had asked one of my workers to let me know how everything went, I was surprised to see just how many of my other employees came to me all throughout the next work day to say what a good time they had and to thank me. I learned that some employees did get drunk, but there’s nothing wrong with that. They were free to let their hair down. They all decided to go out to dinner, and then the bus took them to a bar or two. They had a pretty late night, and everyone was in really good spirits at the end of the night. I found myself wishing that I went with everyone, but it was best that they had a night to enjoy together instead.

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How To Get Great Fuel Economy Out Of Used Cars

While some complain that used cars are more expensive due to poor fuel economy, this is not always the case. There are forces at work in your favor. Most drivers have noticed that gas prices are beginning to dip lower than the national average, which has been above $3.00 per gallon since 2010. To add to these savings, there are several things you can do to save money on gas. With fewer dollars going to gas, set the extra money aside for car maintenance. Additionally, adjust your driving habits to save fuel.

Under the Hood

The experts agree: a properly tuned engine increases the fuel economy in used cars. Use the money you’ve been saving at the pump to correct any serious problems under the hood. For example, a bad oxygen sensor can destroy your fuel economy. Fixing this issue will save you a lot of cash.

Tire Pressure & Oil

One do-it-yourself tip is to check the air pressure in your tires. Your used car’s owner’s manual should state how much pressure is needed for each season. While you’re at it, be sure you or your mechanic have been putting the correct type of oil into the engine. Additionally, when you have your oil changed, ask the technician to show you the air filter. If it’s dirty, purchase a replacement. Many people don’t realize this common mistake is costing them extra money.

Gas Cap

While you’re at the gas station, check your gas cap. If it’s loose, cracked or appears leaky, it’s time for a new one. Another clue may be that your check engine light is on. This is often remedied by replacing the gas cap. If you need a new cap, try visiting your local auto supplies store, or order one from an auto parts warehouse online.

Driving Habits

Still not getting the mileage you want? Check your driving habits! Are you always speeding? Do you stop and start quickly? Do you do a lot of city driving? These could all be culprits. Give yourself plenty of time to get from point A to point B. Go easy on your gas and brake pedal. Take highways when available instead of city streets. Call your fellow co-workers and suggest carpooling to cut down on your driving time. Never sit with your car idling for long. If you’re waiting, turn off the engine. While you’re working on your driving habits, you may want to consider the weight of items in your car. A trunk full of unnecessary objects makes the engine work harder and use more gas.

As you can see, with the right strategy, you can get great gas mileage out of used cars. It could well be worth your time to heed the tips offered above to save at the pump.

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The Rise of the Electric Car Charger in a Green World

The rechargeable lead-acid battery has existed since the 19th century, and it was trusted to power early motor vehicles. In fact, these electric models made up a majority of early motor vehicles and were especially popular in cities due to their lack of smoky exhaust. Eventually, advancements in the internal combustion engine resulted in a gradual takeover of the vehicle market by gasoline-powered cars.

Beginning with the oil crisis in the 1970s, Americans have become far more aware of the efficiency of their vehicles and the cost of transportation. This initial price fluctuation resulted in the shift from the classic muscle cars of America’s past to the compact and efficient vehicles found in Germany and Japan. This represented the first major blow to American vehicle manufacturing and a major change in the way people looked at oil-based products.

At first, the focus was solely on achieving the greatest fuel economy, but over time, Americans became more aware of the oil industry’s effects on the world. The combination of these economic concerns and growing environmentalism led to the development of alternative-energy vehicles like the electric car. The crisis of the 70s ended, so alternative energy was briefly shelved again. The 1990s began a true resurgence in research for alternative energy or higher-efficiency vehicles. The first popular attempt was the hybrid vehicle, which uses both a traditional gasoline engine and an extended storage battery.

The largest obstacle to creating an appealing alternative energy vehicle has been attaining high speeds and long-range capabilities comparable to a gasoline engine. Another obstacle has been creating a high-speed electric car charger. In order to compete with the traditional internal combustion engine, these new vehicles needed to be able to recharge quickly for long-distance driving. Drivers needed an electric equivalent to the gas station in order to drive long distances for work or travel, so consumers were hesitant to purchase all-electric vehicles until a rapid electric car charger was created.

With the current cultural movements focusing on climate conservation, anti-pollution, and environmentalism, it is likely that non-gasoline vehicles will continue to develop and improve through innovation in battery and manufacturing technology.

There are currently models that are being developed to run off of biodiesel, which is made from recycled cooking oil. Other prototypes run off of solar energy or tanks of compressed air. However, the newest electric models show the most promise, as they have now surpassed engine power and performance limits that had significantly hindered the market. With government incentives now available in a number of states and at the federal level, it is likely that charging stations will become more common across the nation. These new vehicles are here to stay, and as our planet begins to run low on the oil we need, they are poised to quickly become the most popular form of personal transportation.